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Pool, spa and relaxation

Pool & Spa | Hotel Universel Quebec

Pool, spa and relaxation | Hotel Universel Quebec


Pool & Spa | Hotel Universel Quebec

Virtual tour of our atriumDiscover our amazing nordic spa located inside the Hotel Universel in Québec City, enjoy the indoor pool, right next to the nordic spa. You will be charmed by our exotic indoor garden in atrium style. You will get the impression to be somewhere else for a moment.

Located directly inside the Hôtel Universel Quebec, our beautiful Nordic spa is not to be missed! Adjacent to our indoor pool, our Scandinavian style spa will offer you a most enjoyable moment. Your relaxation will be upgraded to a moment of evasion, thanks to the irresistible charm of our atrium style tropical garden. Indoor pool, Nordic spa, and tropical warmth... a winning combination that will offer you a delightful moment of relaxation and well-being!

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The pool area is opened every day from 9 A.M to 10 P.M.